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Lambrusco online master class COMING SOON!


For the very first time this unique master class is offering a complete view on Lambrusco family and biotypes: from Modena to Reggio, Parma and Bologna, from Montericco to Grasparossa, passing by Marani, Sorbara and Maestri.
Topics include: Evolution of the vitis and the origin of cultivated vines; from wild vine to domestic vine; Lambrusco and his historical fame, from the rise of its tradition to the fall of the Roman empire; Vitis and viticulture during the “classic age”; Medieval time and traditions; Renaissance; Illuminismo in Emilia Romagna and the Industrial Revolution; Beginning and evolution of sparkling wine tradition in Emilia; XIX and XX centuries and the birth of “modern Lambrusco”.
The Lambrusco masterclass will also offer a deep look into local Geography (Main regions, Climate and Weather, Soils, Geology) 3. Viticulture and Overview 4. Wine districts 5. Labels and Wine Classification 6. Lambrusco wines in the international market 7. Food and wine pairing tradition.



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