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Rhone online master class


Often mentioned as one of the three best regions in France (along with Burgundy and Bordeaux), the Rhône Valley is a very important, diverse, extended wine region known in the wine world for its variety of earthy red wines. The Northern and Southern Rhône are unique, each with vastly different geography, climate, soils and grape varieties, but share one thing in common – the Rhône River, protagonist of the unique terroir.Rhône wine is produced mainly from Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. Topics include: 1. History (from the III century BC to the Middle age, Renaissance, Napoleon period, all the way to the XX century); 2. Geography (Main regions, Climate and Weather, Soils, Geology) 3. Viticulture and Overview (Wine Districts and Terroirs, Grapes, Wine making styles and traditions, Statistics, Vines and distribution, Main chacateristics 4. Wine districts 5. Labels and Wine Classification 6. Rhone wines in the international market 7. Food and wine pairing tradition. 8. Major producers.



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