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Rioja online class COMING SOON!


A deep look into one of the most exciting wine region in the world. Rioja is a privileged region for growing grapes and making top-quality wines, with a unique personality and an exceptional aptitude for ageing. The small valleys of Rioja contain a large portion of the biodiversity in Spain (36%) due to their unique climate and terrain. This diversity also explains why Rioja wines can be so different in style and flavor across the entire region. Topics will include: 1. History (Ancient history, Greeks and Romans, Moorish time and middle age, XVII and XVIII centuries, XX century);
2. Geography (Main regions, Climate and Weather, Soils, Geology) 3. Viticulture and Overview (Wine Districts and Terroirs, Grapes, Wine making styles and traditions, Statistics, Vines and distribution, Main chacateristics 4. Wine districts 5. Labels and Wine Classification 6.Rioja wines in the international market 7. Food and wine pairing tradition. 8. Major producers.



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