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Volcanic Wines online class


Italy is located just above the convergence between the Eurasian Plate and the northward moving African Plate, which helps explain why it possesses the only active volcanoes in mainland Europe. Discover how this impact on the quality of wines through a full course on Italian volcanic wine districts, north to south: from Etna and famous Nerello and Carricante to Garganega grape in Soave, passing by the Roman hills, Vesuvio volcano and more! Topics will include: 1. History (Ancient history, Greeks and Romans, Middle Age, Renaissance, XVII and XVIII centuries, XX century); 2. Geography (Main regions, Climate and Weather, Soils, Geology) 3. Viticulture and Overview (Wine Districts and Terroirs, Grapes, Wine making styles and traditions, Statistics, Vines and distribution, Main chacateristics 4. Wine districts 5. Labels and Wine Classification 6.Volcanic wines in the international market 7. Food and wine pairing tradition. 8. Major producers.



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