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Wine and Food Pairing online master class


The science of wine and food pairing. This course will lead us through a true food “sensory analysis”, to fully understand the harmony of a recipe and choose the best wine pairing. Topics include Visual analysis: Learn how to evaluate presentation and appearance; Olfactory analysis: Learn how to recognize fragrances and quality; Taste analysis: Develop your senses to detect and classify tactile sensations such as sweet, sour, sapid, bitter, spice, oiliness, greasiness, succulence, aromatics, persistence, and finally, structure and balance. Food and wine pairing will be analyzed by: Seasons; Local/Regional Traditions; Concordance and Contrast. The course will also offer an extended study of all major food categories such as: Eggs; Sauces; Oils; Solid fats; Vinegars; Spices and Aromatic Herbs; Grains; Seafood; Meat; Charcuterie; Vegetables; Mushrooms and truffles; Milk and Yogurt; Cheese; Pastry; Fruits; Coffees and Teas.



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