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Wine Tasting Technique online master class


An in-depth course on how to scientifically taste and evaluate a wine, combining visual, olfactory, and taste examination, including concepts of balance, intensity, persistence, quality, state of evolution, and harmony. Learn how to pay attention to details, memorizing every sensation to fully read and understand every wine, evaluating quality, category and typicality, linking every clue to variety, terroir, and evolution. Join Advanced Sommelier and Master Taster Giammario Villa, for a full immersion into the most advanced and complete wine-tasting technique. You also analyze and talk about terroir, appellations, grape varieties, viticultural techniques, wine-making methods, historical significances, and wine classification system, from a wine-tasting perspective. The course is recommended for working professionals (wine and beverage directors, restaurateurs, business owners in the wine and food industry, journalists, PR, wine sales reps, etc.) and wine enthusiasts.



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